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  • Collision Repair Industry

    If you are considering starting your own business, the collision repair industry is one with great potential, but it can be a complicated road to travel alone. That is why we are here! Our team has the tools and experience to guide you through the sometimes tricky process of owning and operating your own Collision Repair business.

  • Challenges

    The collision repair industry is a fast paced industry with quickly changing technology. State of the art tools and training are required to repair vehicles safely. Our long tenure in the industry gives us the knowledge we need to help you compete in this enviroment.

  • Consolidation

    The trend of consolidation is sweeping through the collision repair industry in two forms: large multi-unit chains, and franchises. In the next several years many independent collision repair facitlies will close their door because of competition from these two groups. We desire to help the little guy make it through this industry shift.

Proven Methods

We were founded on the idea that constant improvment in processes and techniques is required to sustain a viable business. Let us show you what we have learned in our 65 years in the Industry.


It is difficult in any industry to survive on your own; we believe it is even harder in collision repair. Working together, we can make each other stronger. "A cord of three strands is not easily broken".

Brand Recognition

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars building the AutoBody Express brand. It is easy to maintain top of mind awareness with memorable name and distinctive branding.

Word of Mouth

"I am a part of the AutoBody Express family, and the family has been here for 65 years. And what 65 years brings to our family is credibility in the marketplace and an unbelievable amount of experience that I then get to build off of [...] I'm just building off of their 65 years of experience and taking what they are giving me and expanding the family a little bit."

- Staten Fontaine, AutoBody Express - Bossier City

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