Auto Paint Repair

Rock chips and paint scratches take away from the appearance of your vehicle and can cause more severe issues in the future. Chips can become rust, causing a more costly repair. AutoBody Express' auto paint repair is the solution.

Paint chips can be a result of road debris such as rocks or gravel, a collision, or even weather. Often touch up paint does little to hide the damage, and can sometimes even make the damage more noticeable. AutoBody Express’ team has the training and skill needed to make those chips and scratches disappear.

Auto Paint Repair Process

An excellent paint finish requires a properly prepared surface. Your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the painted surface is free of dirt, grease, or other materials. Once the surface is clean, the paint technician will prep the surface and apply primer. After the primer has been allowed to cure, the surface is sanded smooth to achieve a flawless finish.

A technician will then use our computerized paint matching system along with their expertly trained eyes to fine tune the color to match your vehicle’s factory color. Once the base coat has been applied, the clear coat is then applied to give it shine just like new.

Whether you have small fresh scratches or rock chips, or the surface is already starting to rust, the team at AutoBody Express has the know how to get your car shining like new.