Auto Painting

The paint on your car is the first thing that most people notice; especially you. A finish damaged from chips or scratches will stand out even more. AutoBody Express Technicians are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to accurately match your existing paint and make it look like new.

We train all our locations on the latest in color matching techniques from computerized color-matching to custom tinting to make sure that the finish on your vehicle looks incredible.

AutoBody Express is proud to use Sikkens waterborne paint products for the very best finish while being environmentally friendly. The majority of auto manufacturers use waterborne paint. We believe restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition requires using products the car manufacturers use.

AutoBody Express Technicians receive training from both ICAR and the paint manufacturer periodically to ensure the best possible paint job on each repair.

The Auto Paint Process

The painting process requires many detailed steps and procedures. Each of these measures requires the skills talented experts dedicated to their craft.

The process begins by making sure that each panel is clean and free of any contaminants that could cause flaws in the vehicle’s paint. The car is then prepped and primed. The primer is cured and then sanded to ensure a smooth finish.

Using the color code for your vehicle, the technicians begin the color match process by finding the possible color variants for that code. Each color code can have anywhere from one to 20 color options. The technician using a computerized color matching tool and their trained eye under varying types of light to find the best possible match from the options. Then the color is mixed and sprayed on a test card to make sure the mix was successful and doesn’t need modification before applying the paint to the vehicle.

Any minor imperfections in the paint the technicians will lightly sand and polish the clear coat to remove them.

Trust AutoBody Express to restore your car’s paint to its factory condition regardless of how large or small the damage.