Collision and Body Repair

AutoBody Express' ICAR trained collision repair experts are prepared to repair damage to the body of your vehicle regardless of the materials used to make it. You can trust us to restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition, and get you back on the road safely.

Body damage can range from a small door ding to a major dent from a collision. AutoBody Express’ technicians are equipped and ready to fix your car regardless of the body composition or the severity of the damage.

If your vehicle is in need of body repair, you can feel secure that the team at AutoBody Express is capable of restoring your car as if the accident never happened.

Body Repair Service

When we take your car in for body repair, the first thing we do is fully disassemble the parts around the damage to check for any additional hidden damage adjacent to the visible damage. If any other damage is found, we will contact you, and your insurance company to approve the additional repairs.

After all of the damage is identified the repair process will begin. Our trained technicians will begin reshaping the parts to correct the damage and ensure a proper fit. The car is then sent to the paint department to prime and prepare for color and clear coats. After the paint cures, the clear is buffed to remove any minor imperfections.

The car is then reassembled and returned to you. AutoBody Express is the team you should trust to make that wrong turn right.