Bumper Repair

If you are in an accident, your bumper will likely be your first line of defense to protect you from the impact of the crash. It is crucial that the repairs to your bumper be completed by professionals with the tools and training to do the job right.

The majority of collisions are directly in the front or rear of a vehicle, and your bumper is designed with that in mind. AutoBody Express’ ICAR trained technicians are trained to know when repair or replacement is the correct operation for your vehicle and have the proper tools to complete either repair process.

Bumper Repair Process

It most cases, it is best practice to replace plastic bumpers if they are dented deeply or torn. In these cases, a new OEM or quality aftermarket bumper will be painted to match and installed on your vehicle.

With minor dents or torn mounting tabs, repair is most likely the best repair path. Small dents can be removed by heating the plastic and reshaping it. A nitrogen plastic welder can be used to create a reliable repair in the case of torn mounting tabs.

You can trust the knowledgeable and friendly staff at AutoBody Express to complete the most proper and cost effective repair to this crucial part of your car.